Case Studies

Meet Matthew

He told me that he was struggling as an affiliate marketer. He was placing Facebook ads all over the place, trying to sell his $14 dollar products and no one was buying. He was determined to make his money back that he lost on his Facebook ads and he thought he would do this by increasing the price of his ads to get better Facebook buyers. I was biting my tongue because I predicted this outcome to be very, very bad.

I couldn’t take it anymore and asked him some questions to see what is strategy was exactly.

“Are you looking at your graph in the power editor to see who’s clicking?” “No”

“Are you doing Facebook ads from mobile, or desktop? “Not sure. Both, I think.

“From your Facebook page?” “No. I don’t have a Facebook page.”

I was bright red at this point.

“What market are you targeting in the Facebook ads?”

“I put in 23-40, that uses digital marketing”

My face is now purple. I couldn’t help but intervene and give my unsolicited, but very much needed advice.
“The problem that your having is that your not aware of your market. Right now you are throwing spaghetti against a wall and hoping it will stick.
If you become crystal clear about who you are targeting, you’ll be able to communicate better to them. And create ads that will get them to buy.”
I told him about the immersion strategy to solve specific problems from his audiences. I also showed him how to find them, too. Especially on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.
He called me a week later, and tried the strategies I told him about and they worked for him. He make $310. If you are selling $7 products, at $1.25 cpc, isn’t too bad. He then took on paid training with me and I worked more with his marketing strategy. We went through some of his money goals and the affiliate programs he was selling for $7-14.
“If you want to be a blogger, having these low cost affiliates on your sidebar could work because you wouldn’t be putting any effort into selling these programs. But since that’s not part of your plan, I’d recommend that you use these affiliates as a “Tripwire” (low cost sale) and then using a similar product to upsell at a much higher price.”

When I asked him about his email list, he said he wasn’t collecting emails.

Yikes! Anyone that knows me, knows that my #1 marketing priority is to build a list first. This comes before a website, business cards, etc.
This is your foundation to your business.

After we talked about his existing business and he really wanted to continue with doing affiliates,
I created a marketing strategy for him to cement up those holes from where his money leaked.

1) Find higher tier training that he can implement with his Tripwire.
2) Create marketing funnel to get subscribers.
3) Use the Emersion Strategy which, if done correctly, will get his target market to buy!
4) Create timeline, budget, money and list building goals.

For the sake of time, I won’t go through all of the details, but after three month of working with me he met his goals. He also realized that he wanted to create some training on his own. He built up some confidence and wanted to give back to people by showing some of his techniques.

Success! I was so happy for him.
I knew he was willing because he showed so much determination at that marketing event.
He just needed to shift it in another direction.

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