consultationConsultation Process:

During your consultation, we discuss your goals, and the results you would like to have in your business and I ‘ll show you some actions to make that happen.

Goal #1 Example: Get more clients with email marketing

If your goal is to get more clients by building your email list, I would show you what type of giveaway you should send  based on your niche) where to find them on social media, and how to get them to opt-in with simple engagement formulas, and how to write emails that convert to sales!

Goal #2 Example: Product Launch 

If your goal is to launch a course, I ‘d show you how to create a successful webinar, and send you my webinar kit, checklists, webinar email templates, and show you step- by-step how to create a webinar that SELLS, help you create the email automation for it with having the dates sequence with the countdown of the webinar, prelaunch and launch  email sequences, and the best copywriting formulas to get them to buy immediately!

Depending on your goals, most people begin to see results within 1-3 months.If you have been unfocused, or not sure what direction you should go (digital marketing can be overwhelming, I know) I can help.I have been building entrepreneurs and small businesses online presence since 2010. If you are struggling, need to be accountable, and are committed to have your brand succeed,  then I can help you.

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