His Kickstarter Campaign for his online course resulted in more than 1 million dollars

Meet Rob Percival.


Rob, 34, is a former math teacher that has made over 3 million dollars with his online courses.

But it wasn’t always like that for him. When he first launched his course, he was struggling to get people to enroll.

Today, Rob Percival’s four courses have taught nearly 125,000 students and earned nearly $3 million — $1 million of which he has brought home.

How did he get from struggling to get enrollments to  being one of the top online course earners ? Kickstarter! Before he launches his course on Udemy, an online course platform, he makes sure to promote them on Kickstarter first. It works!

He has three pieces of advice in particular for would-be creators of successful online courses: Figure out what topics are in demand by looking at which courses are selling well already, make sure your own version stands out among the crowd (“The feedback with the web development course was that it was fun — not going into a load of detail about server info they don’t need, but focusing on what they need and building stuff”), and finally, tackle a big topic.

“I think people want a lot of value for their money when buying an online course,” he says. “Find something you can extend to something big to get people excited and change their lives a little bit, rather than learn a new skill. Anything that can help people start a new career or earn money is always good as well!”

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