The Essential Marketing Tips for online business:

These are the essential resources for any online marketer these services have made my business
work seamlessly.
I’ve divided these resources into nine sections. They are:
• Marketing
• Graphics
• SEO tools
• Conversion tools
• Miscellaneous- Podcasts,
Aweber – I use Aweber to host my email list. It’s very simple to use and can share your autoresponder
series with other affiliates.
Godaddy- This is the Best hosting service by far! Incredible fast customer service.
Godaddy is open 24/7 even on holidays.
Their site is very user friendly and easy to navigate and can easily convert your hosting to a wordpress
blog – My favorite word press themes are from here.
Leadpages- The best landing page service out there, including google analytics,
can choose templates bythe highest conversion, and can intregrate with facebook or
wordpress blog  The highest converting wordpress sites with developers licenses for optimization
and landing page sites designed specifically for the highest conversions. Cloaks your links and tracks your traffic. Starts at $9 a month.
VODBurner – I used VodBurner for my video Skype interviews.

www.Dellcee.Com The best source for any internet marketer.
These people specialize in graphics for internet marketing doing designs like Facebook fan pages, banner ads, and WP sliders.

Seo tools:
1.Google’s Keyword Planner (Free!) A great resource for exploring keyword possibilities. Make sure to understand the different between broad match and exact match and also consider that this is a PPC tool. The number of estimated searches are those conducted for a phrase, not estimated
unique searchers.
2. SEO Quake: (Free!)A great free extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Gives quick access to key factors such as PageRank, position, age, etc. for the site appearing on a search results page. When on a site, more information is available such as quick links to diagnose issues, a link through all no follow links for quick recognition, etc.
3.SEOmoz. $99/month – A whole slough of professional-grade tools make this worth the price of admission.
Tools cover everything from links to onsite to social media.
4. FREE – Copyscape: The free version lets you check a page on your site to see how often it’s been copied
(and if you rank wellà it probably has been). Also good for testing upcoming copy for potential issues.
5. $99/month – RavenTools: A full suite of SEO, link building, social media and advertising tools. It doesn’t quite match the SEOmoz suite for pure function but the reporting abilities have some advantages.
6. FREE – SEO For Firefox: A free Firefox extension from SEO Book. Along the lines of SEO Quake but
different data sources.
7. FREE – XML Sitemaps: A free XML sitemap generator
1. FREE – Google Website Optimizer: Run A/B tests free with this tool from Google.
2. FREE – Google Analytics: It’s not possible to get into all the details and features here save to say, it’s worth reading up on all that it can do and poke around and test all the functionality. Every time I do, I find fun
new ways to look at visitor data.
3. $59/10 heatmaps – Attention Wizard: Gives an algorithm-generated heatmap of your page. Good as a first stop when you’re looking at a redesign or A/B testing.
4. $9/month – Crazy Egg: Produces a heatmap of your pages based on user behavior such as clicks,
scrolling, etc. and can break it down by traffic source.
5. $99/month – ClickTale: Record visitors and watch how they interact with your site.
6. $39/visitor – User Testing: Send visitors through your site and listen to them interact. Visitors will
record their visits following your directions and provide feedback on what they like and don’t like. A great tool during a redesign.
7. FREE – Wirify: A fun tool that turns any web page into a wireframe. For $6 more you can buy a credit that makes the wireframe editable.
8. FREE – Five Second Test: Visitors land at a snapshot of your site, view it for 5 seconds and then answer questions. With the free version you’ll have to earn tests by viewing the pages of others. They have paid services from $20/mth.

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