Let’s Build Your Brand

Whenever you look around, you know what you should be doing: creating and launching and selling a product, or bootstrapping a business on the side. You’re smart. You’re capable. You’ve got the skills to make stuff. You can see the kinds of results others are creating for themselves. You want those results, too. The path forward seems both natural and in reach. But when you try it, you get stuck. You stall. “I’ll finish this later” leads to “It’s just not quite ready yet” to “you know, I don’t really feel like working on this anymore.”

What’s stopping you? You get things done in your job… why can’t you just make this happen?
The good first bit of good news is there IS a reason. You’re trying to use your old ways of working – the ones you learned in school and while working for bosses at jobs – to get a different kind of work done. Building, launching, and marketing your brand might appear similar to the work you’ve done before, but it’s actually the complete opposite. Your old ways of working might have gotten you grades and praise and promotions in the past…But it won’t work now, not for this.

There’s good news, though: You can learn the NEW skills and habits and techniques you need to achieve what you want.
I learned them and successfully taught them to my clients who have taken my training on bootstrapping , building a brand, creating a list, and marketing to their ideal client has brought them results. I’ve watched my clients  go from spinning their wheels  to self-powered and unstoppable machines with a growing audience.  They have workshops, ebooks, and other products for sale. They have marketing plans, customers, and businesses making money. They have freedom. Now I want to help you, so you can  create whatever it is you want- whether your side project is a hobby or a business. Whether that side project is a book, an app, an open source project, actually write on your blog, teach a class, learn something new, get a better job… the rules are the same. I’ll teach you the principles for getting off your butt and finally launching.

Rising Star

You want to launch your brand, but need someone to help you to build your brand seamlessly & successfully


You already have an email list, you’ve built your foundation, have some sales,

but need but you need more direction with marketing strategies, ppc campaigns, understanding of keywords, and building your list quicker.

Rock Star Digital Marketer

Learn how to become a digital marketer / digital consultant

I wanted to start my own business doing consulting but didn’t know how to market myself. I wanted a person  I could trust that has created  an online business from scratch. Liz has a not only done this for herself but multiple times  guiding  her clients. She ‘s help me create a VERY profitable brand by helping me to understand about conversions, and REALLY understanding my target market so it becomes effortless to know how to convert them into leads.  Thank you, Liz! 

– Heather Rocco, Consultant


This is the first time I ever got one of my events sold out!

I wish I knew about Liz’s help years ago! I would have gotten A LOT more clients!
Her copywriting advice, and knowledge and the power of guest posting (who knew?)  got me to a higher level that got people to pay attention to me and fill up my event!

June Lee, Business Coach